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Pursuing a doctorate in Geosciences at Cologne and admission to the GSGS

If you would like to be a doctoral candidate member of the GSGS, you need to be enrolled for doctoral studies at the  dean’s office of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Cologne (UoC).

To enroll fill out a " Notification of Intent to do a Doctorate" (Mitteilung der Promotionsabsicht) after you have found your principal supervisor (Promotionsbetreuer/in). Both your principal supervisor and the GSGS manager need to co-sign this form. Your principal supervisor has to be a professor or Privatdozent legally entitled to supervise doctoral candidates in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UoC.

Find tips on how to  find a possible supervisor on the website of the  Albertus Magnus Graduate Center.

As a GSGS member you should further

  1. Form a doctoral committee (DC);
  2. Sign a supervision agreement;
  3. Report regularly to your DC and the GSGS office;
  4. Meet frequently with your DC members;
  5. Participate in the GSGS induction module;
  6. Present a poster at a GSGS Research Conference