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The 23rd Electromagnetic Induction Workshop (EMIW 2016)

14 - 21 August 2016, Chiang Mai, Thailand

© EMIW 2016 organizing committee

The Electromagnetic Induction Workshop is an important event for researchers around the world to exchange the latest

developments in the field of geophysical electromagnetism. Many working groups from different universities use to
attend this event, so it is a good platform to start to build relationships with them. Since I am working with
Electromagnetic (EM) methods in my doctoral project, this workshop was a good opportunity for me to learn and
exchange ideas.
At the workshop, I presented a poster during the session: Geothermal Energy. It was interesting to see how nowadays
many working groups around the world are working with EM methods to characterize geothermal systems.
During my poster presentation, I had the chance to talk and discuss with scientists that were interested on the topic.
Those discussions helped me to generate new ideas to proceed on my project, such as how to constraint the
Magnetotelluric 3D model by using TEM (Transient Electromagnetic) data. Furthermore, a colleague from USA offered
to provide me some useful information of my survey area that they have.
Finally, I could also talk with colleagues from Mexico, where I come from. We discussed about the projects that they
are currently carrying out and the feasibility to collaborate with them after I finish my doctoral project.


Diego Ruiz-Aguilar
PhD student

Institute of Geophysics and Meteorology

PhD project: Geothermal Exploration with Electromagnetic methods in San Felipe (Mexico)
Magnetotelluric exploration in San Felipe (Mexico) for geothermal purposes (Poster)