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18th International Symposium for Advancement of Boundary-Layer Remote Sensing (ISARS)

6 - 9 June 2016, Varna, Bulgaria

The ISARS 2016 was held from 6 to 9 June in a hotel, in beautiful coastal city, in Bulgaria (below photo). The

main focus of the ISARS conference is on ground-based remote sensing development and its application in
experimental studies and modeling of boundary-layer physics. The participants get chance to meet several
scientists from around the world who work especially in this field and to get familiar with recent research and
issues of this field as well as new progress and developments of remote sensing instruments. For me, it was
a good opportunity to meet and to talk with several scientists form Italy, Franc, Bulgaria and some other
The 18th ISARS conference was mainly focused on active remote sensing especially LIDAR, its application
on measuring wind speed and wind direction and usage of these measurements in different areas like in the
filed of wind energy. There were also some presentations about passive remote sensing like microwave
I presented my work as an oral presentation in session 7, topic 4, Ground-Based Remote Sensing
Technology Applications. We are still working on this topic and it is planned to publish a paper in near future.


Kobra Khosravian
PhD student

Institute for Geophysics and Meteorology

PhD project: Trace Gas Profiling of the Troposphere with a Spectrally Highly Resolving Infrared Spectrometer
Presentation Title: CO2 Vertical Profile Retrieval from Ground-Based IR Atmospheric Spectra