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49th Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU)

12 - 16 December 2016, San Francisco, USA

© Nils Küchler

The AGU fall meeting is the largest meeting in the geophysical community hosting about 20.000 scientists during the entire week. Research from a large variety of topics was presented ranging from education over geo-human sciences to atmospheric sciences. On the one hand this was a great opportunity to get a broader perspective of the current state of research in the individual fields, especially, as most sessions contained general talks providing an overview for the broad audience. On the other hand, I felt somehow overwhelmed by the large number of interesting topics and talks which lead to packed schedule and an information-flooded brain. However, this was a chance to practice myself in accepting that one cannot know about everything.

Beside the interesting talks, the poster sessions were very fruitful. Firstly, the number of people passing by your poster is very high and also people from other research fields bring new perspectives into the discussions. Secondly, since the AGU is such a general conference, I met many colleagues with who I could catch up with. Overall, the AGU is a very interesting meeting but due to its intensity also quite exhausting when staying the whole week.
San Francisco is an interesting city providing a lot of opportunities for activities and good food. However, it is crazy expensive. If one does want to not live from water and bread only and have social meals, it is likely that the „per-diem“ from the university will hardly cover your expenses.

Nils Küchler
PhD student

PhD Project: „Cloud Observations Using Passive and Active Microwave Radiometry“
Institute for Geophysics and Meteorology
A new 94 GHz radar/radiometer suitable for studying cloud edges