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1st Cloudnet Training School

27 - 31 March 2017, Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol, Cyprus

© C. Acquistapace

This first Cloudnet Training School was intended to give new users an introduction to the concept of Cloudnet and enabled more experienced users to gain more detailed insight into Cloudnet and helped to implement new methods.

The Cloudnet project is aiming to provide vertical profiles of cloud and aerosol properties at high temporal and spatial resolution using remote sensing instrument synergies to continuously evaluate and improve the representation of clouds in climate and weather forecast models (see:

The lectures given during the five day Training School encompassed an introduction to Cloudnet data processing, technical basics of radar, lidar and microwave radiometer, model evaluation, Cloudnet products and how to set up a new Cloudnet station.

During the week, five special working groups were formed, focusing on one specific topic over the entire week. The groups were dealing with the setup of Cloudnet software environment, processing and visualization of spectral Doppler radar data, combining Cloudnet products, weather model validation and combined water vapor measurements with microwave radiometer/lidar.

I am currently involved in developing a boundary layer classification within the Cloudnet community and could establish contacts to interested people who would like to test the classification at their measurement site. Furthermore, progress was made concerning the implementation of the classification into the Cloudnet processing chain, as well as the combination with other products like an aerosol classification using a multi-wavelength lidar system.

During one lecture session, we were given the chance to present the progress of our work. The feedback helped us to further improve the algorithm and to proceed writing a publication about the methodology of the boundary layer classification.

Cooperation partners:
Ewan O'Connor (Finnish Meteorology Institute)
Antti Manninen (PhD student at University of Helsinki)


Tobias Marke
PhD student

Institute for Geophysics and Meteorology
University of Cologne
Project: Identification of patterns in long-term observations of the cloudy boundary layer