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The 20th Uddevalla Symposium 2017

‘Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Industrial Dynamics inInternationalized Regional Economies’

15 - 17 June 2017, Trollhättan, Sweden

© J. Wrana

The annual Uddevalla Symposium has become a key institution for researchers from geography, regional science and international business studies since it provides a sophisticated platform for young scholars to present their PhD-projects and to receive valuable feedback by senior researchers. Numerous special is-sues in journals such as ‘Small Business Economics’ and several hand books dealing with innovation, regional competitiveness and entrepreneurship have been realized based on high quality working papers which were discussed during the symposiums.
In my case, it was the first time to join this conference. During the session in which I had my presenta-tion, the discussant has provided me a valuable feedback regarding theoretical and methodological is-sues. For instance, I am now able to enhance the conceptual framework of my paper because he suggest-ed me recently published papers which also theorize processes of knowledge transfer based on the prox-imity approach.
The conference also provided a good opportunity for me to have informal talks with some key note speakers such as Mr. Castellani, Ms. Delgado and Ms. Rabellotti, thereby exchanging thoughts about their research and my PhD-project.
All in all, participating in the 20th Uddevalla Symposium was a great opportunity for me to receive fur-ther support for my own research to expand my network.



Jöran Wrana
PhD student

Institute of Geography

PhD project: “Industrial upgrading in dualistic economies of the Global South: The case of Vietnam

Human resource strategies of local firms in weak regional institutional settings (Oral)