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Association of American Geographers’ Annual Meeting 2015

21 - 25 April 2015, Chicago, Illinois

The AAG Annual Meeting is an international meeting place for the community of human geographers. It is an important conference for young researchers to distribute their results and to extend their international network. I presented a draft paper of my PhD thesis. I got feedback and suggestions from international scholars regarding the methodology and had several informal discussions about my PhD project afterwards. I have extended the international visibility of my work, as a few airport experts and editors of international transport geography journals were present. As I co-organised the session, I also gained further experience in bringing together the authors in a particular field of research. I got many ideas for further publications from other sessions in economic geography.



Abstract title: Large Airports, Urban Economies and Planning Policies: Small-scale Analyses in Australian Metropolitan Areas (oral presentation)

Session title: Accessibility nodes as focal points of urban and regional development: The cases of airports and high-speed railway stations (paper session, co-organizer, together with Sven Conventz, Boris Braun and Alain Thierstein)


Dipl.-Geogr. Fabian Sonnenburg

Institute of Geography

Research fellow and PhD student

PhD project: “Large airports and urban economies: small-scale analyses for Australian metropolitan areas”