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Fortran for scientific computing, High performance computing center (HRLS)

9 - 13 March 2015, University of Stuttgart

‘Fortran for scientific computing’ training took place in High performance computing center (HRLS, Höchstleistungsrechenzentrum) at the University of Stuttgart. It was one week (9-13March 2015) and taught by Mr. Küster and Mr. Schneider from HLRS.

This training course was the most useful one that I have ever participated in. The course organized my knowledge from basic-level to advance-level from high-performance-computing point of view and gave me beneficial information about the newest Fortran standards, optimization, compilers, dynamic data and coarray Fortran. I learnt how to program efficiently and how to increase the performance of my code.  The seminar was accompanied by hands-on sessions, which were indeed helpful to understand and to test immediately the points targeted in the seminar.

Moreover, the teachers were open to individual questions. I could discuss with them about my programming challenges and they gave me some helpful hints. This workshop also provided an opportunity for exchange with other participants.

Zahra Sadat Parsakhoo

PhD student

PhD project: “Modeling and theoretical investigation of multi-scale interactions between convection and land-surface heterogeneity”

Institute for Geophysics and Meteorology