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American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2015

14 - 18 December 2015, San Francisco, USA

GSGS Travel Grant Report - AGU 2015

The fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) is the biggest geological confe-
rence worldwide with nearly 24,000 participants, therefore, o ering a variety of interesting
scientific topics in Earth and Space Sciences. The conference was held at the Moscone Center
in San Francisco, which provides di erent presentation venues in three buildings. In spe-
cialized sessions researchers presented new and often unpublished work by oral and poster
contributions. In general sessions outstanding personalities like Elon Musk and Al Gore pro-
vided inspiring insights into future technologies and challenges of climate change. In the
exhibition hall innovative scientific devices were presented as well as scientific programs and
opportunities of universities and research institutes.

In sessions, such as 'Biomarkers in Paleoclimate: Development, Applications and Interpre-
tations', 'Climate of the Common Era' and 'Development and Application of Quaternary
Geochronological methods' during this AGU fall meeting, I got introduced to new approa-
ches and results in my field of research. I presented a poster entitled 'Tracing the Holocene
environmental evolution on the island of South Georgia by lipid biomarkers and compound-
specific radiocarbon analysis' in the 'Biomarkers in Paleoclimate' session. It was a rewarding
experience and I got valuable feedback and new ideas talking to established scientist and spe-
cialists. It was also valuable for my soft skills interacting with scientists from other research
fields and presenting my work to a diverse community with di erent background knowledge.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the AGU fall meeting 2015. I would
like to thank the GSGS very much for the travel grant which made the trip possible. The
participation in this international meeting promoted my scientific work in various ways and
enhanced my perception of di erent topics.


Sandra Jivcov

PhD student

PhD project: 'Compound-specific radiocarbon analyses of sedimentary records from South
Georgia' - Institute of Geology and Mineralogy

Poster: Tracing the Holocene environmental evolution on the island of South Georgia by
lipid biomarkers and compound-specific radiocarbon analysis