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The 25th Annual Goldschmidt Conference

16 - 24 August 2015, Prague, Czech Republic

The Goldschmidt Conference is the foremost international geochemistry conference. It is held annually by the Geochemical Society and the European Association of Geochemistry. Next to sessions about e.g. Energy Resources or Changes in the ocean, there were also other topics featured, such as Planetary Chemistry or Cosmochemistry and Astrophysics, what is especially interesting for me, as my PhD subject deals with the conditions at the beginning of the solar system and the formation of primitive meteorites. As I expected, I could take both revealing and inspiring insights from the latest efforts in cosmochemistry that were presented during the sessions.

I was able to expose my own work at the Poster session on the tuesday evening (24e: Protoplanetary disks in the age of ALMA: physics and chemistry of dust and volatiles in the Solar Nebular and its analogues). I found a good interest in my studies and I could also take advancing ideas from the discussions about the poster.
In the frame of the same session, Dominik Hezel also presented our latest work about prevalent mineralogical rims of chondrules in carbonaceous chondrites on the wednesday morning.
Especially within the social events surrounding the conference, such as the Conference Banquet in the Municipal House in the city center of Prague, it was possible to also get in touch informally with well-established scientists in my field.


Pia Friend
PhD student
PhD project: “Chemical complementarities in chondrules and matrix of chondritic meteorites”

Institute of Geology and Mineralogy

High Temperatures in the solar nebular: Evidence from Chondrules and Matrix. (Poster)