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The Exoplanet I Conference

3 - 8 July 2016, Davos, Switzerland

© J. Korth

The Exoplanet I conference is the first one of a new series of exoplanet science conferences. This new Exoplanet conference series unify all aspects of exoplanetary sciences: theory and observation, discovery and characterization and ground- and space-based missions. Another aim is to bring together American and European scientists in a productive atmosphere.
The conference took place at the Congress Center in Davos, Switzerland, from 3rd to 8th July 2016.
I joined the conference in order to present my current state of research in the field of extrasolar planets and present a poster ‘Orbital parameter estimation of extrasolar multi-planet systems by Transit Time Variation’ (Fig. 1).
This conference offered an excellent scientific platform to present my results and to exchange with international experts and other doctoral students. I got new ideas and approaches for my own studies as well as new impressions in recent fields of research.
It was a highly successful and informative conference to develop new concepts and to network with international experts from all over the world.


Judith Korth
PhD student

Rheinisches Institut für Umweltforschung, Abteilung Planetenforschung, an der Universität zu Köln

Orbital parameter estimation of extrasolar multi-planet systems by Transit Time Variation (Poster)