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Goldschmidt Conference 2016

26 June - 1 July 2016, Yokohama, Japan

The annual Goldschmidt Conference is the world’s biggest meeting of scientists which are active in the various fields of geochemistry. The 2016 conference took place in the Pacifico conference center in Yokohama, Japan, from June 26th to July 1st.
I had the opportunity to give a talk in a session that was focused on latest developments in ‘traditional’ stable isotope applications (session 17b: New Approaches to Highlight Isotopic Equilibrium and Disequilibrium Recorded in Carbonates from Traditional Isotopes to Clumped Isotopes and Triple Oxygen Isotopes). The oral presentation gave me the chance to present our current research in the field of oxygen isotope hydrology to a well versed audience that gave me useful advice and critique in the subsequent discussion. Some results of the fruitful exchange are also incorporated in my current manuscript that will soon be submitted.
The oral session was continued in a poster session which again gave me the chance to get in touch with experienced and well-respected scientists as well as other PhD students that work in the field of stable isotopes. Other sessions (oral as well as poster sessions) provided the possibility to broaden my focus and to inform about new methods, technical developments and applications. Besides the scientific schedule, side events (e.g. the meeting of the European Association of Geochemistry) allowed me to get in contact with various scientists in an informal atmosphere.
I greatly thank the Graduate School of Geosciences for granting the travel costs to Yokohama and enabling me to be part of the Goldschmidt Conference 2016.


Jakub Surma
PhD student

Institute of Geology and Mineralogy

PhD project: “Triple oxygen isotope systematics in evaporating snow and ice”

Triple Oxygen Isotope Systematics in Evaporitic Brines” (Oral)