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International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) Technical Commission III Symposium on "Developments, Technologies and applications in Remote Sensing"

07 - 10 May 2018, Beijing, China

© Ulrike Lussem

The Midterm Symposium of the Technical Commission III of the ISPRS focused on new developments, technologies and applications in remote sensing from air-, space-, and ground-borne sensors. With almost 1000 participants this conference was the largest Midterm-Symposium so far of the ISPRS, bringing together researchers from all disciplines in the field of remote sensing. With the generous support of the Graduate School of Geosciences I was able to attend this exciting event. State of the art Key-Note lectures were followed by extensive oral sessions on a wide range of topics, from agriculture to disaster management to planetary remote sensing. Many young researchers and Master students, especially from China, presented their work. As I was also a reviewer for the Working Group on Land Use & Land Cover Change, it was interesting to finally meet the final outcomes of many ambitioned abstracts and papers.
The symposium was a great opportunity to reach out to well-known scientists in remote sensing of vegetation and agriculture and discuss new sensors and applications as well as my current research plans. My contribution on yield estimation in grass swards using vegetation indices from consumer grade cameras received good feedback and sparked interesting discussions.

Ulrike Lussem

PhD student

PhD project: UAV-based monitoring of grasslands

Institute of Geography

Evaluation of RGB-based vegetation indices from UAV imagery to estimate forage yield in grassland (Oral)