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15th Conference on Cloud Physics/15th Conference on Atmospheric Radiation (II)

9-13 July 2018, Vancouver, Canada

Picture by Marek Jacob

The AMS cloud physics and atmospheric radiation conference is the biggest conference related with radiation and cloud physics. This year, the 15th edition of this conference took place in Vancouver from 9 - 13 July, and around 500 scientists attended this edition. In total 308 posters and 193 talks were presented. The schedule was very intense every day with two parallel sessions. The talks and posters covered different topics (e.g. radiation measurements, snowfall computational simulation, precipitation, climate change).

I presented my talk (Intense Aggregation Above the Melting Layer Observed With Novel Triple-Frequency Radars) at the session “Remote Sensing & Radiative properties of Clouds and Aerosols” on the fourth day. It was a rewarding opportunity, and it was my first international conference. I got some feedback, and I also talked to other participants who were interested in the same topic.

I want to acknowledge Dr. Stefan Kneifel and Dr. Davide Ori for helping me with the preparation for the conference. I also want to acknowledge the Graduate School of Geosciences for funding my travel to Vancouver and give me the opportunity to attend this conference.

José Dias Neto

PhD student

PhD project: “Investigating Microphysical processes in ice and snow clouds using novel combination of polarimetric and multi-frequency cloud radars”

Institute of Meteorology

Intense Aggregation Above The Melting Layer Observed With Novel Triple-frequency Radars (Oral)

Link to abstract: